Why Entrepreneurship in Higher Education is Important?

Competitiveness, innovation and economic growth depends on the ability to produce future leaders with the skills, attitudes and behaviors to become entrepreneurs and at the same time socially responsible. Entrepreneurship is not just about creating a business plan and business. It’s also about creativity, innovation and growth, ways of thinking and acting that are relevant to all parts of the economy and society as well as the entire surrounding ecosystem. In this context entrepreneurial ecosystem can be characterized as interdependent and interactive framework for entrepreneurial activity. This interdependence is composed of institutional rules and environmental conditions that determine the range of social and economic viable entrepreneurial opportunities. As well as the way in which employers and other stakeholders to form the institutional conditions and the surrounding environment.

People who are creative, innovative and entrepreneurship is essential to wealth creation and economic growth. Innovative entrepreneurs come in all forms. They start and grow companies, incubating companies from universities or other organizations, to restructure companies that require concentration, or innovate within a larger organization.

In developing entrepreneurship, graduates of higher education has an important role to play. This can be understood as a lifelong process that develop individual skills, attitudes and behaviors. Of course you have to choose the right university for you, in the selection of majors actually a lot of courses that you can take, if you are in china, you can choose study medicine, engineering & business programs in China.

It is important to start as early as possible at all levels of formal and informal education. It must be integrated into the education system of primary and secondary schools and higher education. For effective entrepreneurial education, curriculum over the years to be consistent and coordinated and entrepreneurial education should continue to receive a higher education institution.

Entrepreneurship programs and modules can have a variety of purposes, such as:

  1. Development of Entrepreneurship among students (raising awareness and motivation);
  2. mMengembangkan entrepreneurial ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities;
  3. Training skills needed to start and manage your business growth.

In all this context, it is important to encourage students to think and act in an entrepreneurial and has an ethical and socially responsible.