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In 1911 William Altmann, the assistant curator of the Golden Gate Park Memorial Museum, made an necessary discovery of instruments and pottery of an unknown tribe of giants in Port Costa, California. The tools, pottery and weapons (knives and arrowheads) have been made with appreciable skill and expertise and normal in such a way as to resemble the weapons made by Filipino warriors. The arrowheads and knives had been constructed from obsidian and volcanic glass, which is not found within the area. The skeletal stays and artifacts were discovered buried beneath a mound.

This ecological versus environmental conception of media ecologies (and the plural can also be important here) is necessarily activist, intervening in established knowledges about media methods and tracking the novel dynamisms that constitute them, nonetheless steady they may appear to be. This goes some method to explaining why the next chapters of the book have varying methodological approaches and are engaged with radically numerous objects ranging from a single piece of Internet Artwork, ‘The Digicam that Ate Itself’ (55-84) to the London pirate radio community (13-54) that is maybe the most systematic and recognisable ‘utility’ of the idea of media ecologies.

Of their idea of calm know-how, Weiser and Brown (1996) talk concerning the want for systems that allow for information to draw attention at different ranges of awareness, be it on the centre or periphery of our consideration. With Twitter, such an method would enable customers to be aware of the ambient information in the periphery, however would also carry from the periphery of our consideration into the centre of our attention as required.

That is how you attain objectives, working together, widespread imaginative and prescient, partnering with people who are safe with themselves as a result of they have achieved their objectives and are stable. She married younger, they worked together, and so they each are steady following the careers they need. Smart partnership. No insecurity.