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Woodview Public School was built in 1956. The 6,653 square foot, single storey Masonry structure rests on approximately 9.91 acres in Otonabee South Monaghan Township, simply past the jap metropolis limits of Peterborough, Ontario. It contains only 5 school rooms.

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Identical to every American Establishment it is a full lie. Its all about cash and getting you to buy something. In all probability ninety percent of our jobs require no school training. The last thing your employer in all probability needs is an informed slave. They’ve virtually banned teaching life skills or frequent sense. The only factor taught is punching tickets and a lie that should you do what you our advised that you can be rewarded. Actuality normally comes house if you get your bill and be taught that every one jobs just about suck.

yesterday was the last day of school right here in FL and I’m not quite positive however it might need been my final day of teaching ever…I’ve been in 2 faculties in 2 years and it has been really tough. I do not need to enter element as a result of it’s all the identical stuff you and others have mentioned above…but it’s a very hectic job and though I actually love my college students, I do not know if I should continue educating or not.

ExTeacher, thank you on your advice! I’ve all the time listened to the grievances of my lecturers with sympathetic ears. Consider it or not my disdain for public colleges took place from all my academic psychology programs! They spend more time teaching us about how one can embrace bullies into the classroom without further alienating them and making them really feel worse about themselves. I call complete bullshit on that by the way. I just wish to work in a school the place training is the number one precedence and my college students parents are on my facet, however then again, I’ve at all times been an idealist.