Schooling Quotes

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is operating the counrty. ~ Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

In all our academies we try far too much… In earlier occasions lectures were delivered upon chemistry and botany as branches of drugs, and the medical student discovered enough of them. Now, however, chemistry and botany are become sciences of themselves, incapable of comprehension by a hasty survey, and every demanding the examine of a whole life, yet we expect the medical student to know them. He who’s prudent, accordingly declines all distracting claims upon his time, and limits himself to a single department and becomes expert in one thing.

I agree with pilgrimboy, Historians deffiantly don’t claim to be biased. Historians in my analysis tend to be essentially the most biased individuals on earth,considering, they’ve first prespective on experiences they’ve encountered and,or, went by. They have facts, enviroment, and individuals who may have influeneced there statements and ,or, opinions.

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If a little less time was devoted to the translation of letters by Julius Caesar describing Britain 2000 years ago and a little bit more time was spent on instructing children how one can describe (in easy modern English) the strategy whereby ethylene was transformed into polythene in 1933 within the ICI laboratories at Northwich, and to discussing the enormous social modifications which have resulted from this discovery, then I believe that we ought to be coaching future leaders in this country to face the world of tomorrow far more effectively than we are at the moment.