Professional Development By And For Educators

Right here is the document of our homeschool journey into drawing, using Mona Brookes’ Drawing with Kids as our main resource.

Every month (or every now and then) we’ll characteristic a new Previous College Image of the Day and move the most recent Previous Faculty shot to our Scrapbook which might be maintained at the backside of the lens. Our visitors have commented on how much they get pleasure from both the new and the previous footage that we have featured and we’re completely happy to offer a view of our past and present. Each of you who is a Black Greek will determine our collective future. Let’s uphold our values and keep every group rising strong. Stop the silly.

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To achieve success with on-line teaching positions, you will have to be disciplined. Because you’ll have a lot freedom along with your time management, it is going to be simple to procrastinate. You’ll have to set aside a sure number of hours each day or every week for the job and persist with it. When you do not, you might get further and further behind together with your instruction.

Each establishment requires that you maintain hardcopies of your grade e book. This can be done electronically utilizing a program like Excel or a downloadable system like Gradekeeper or manually with a file e book you’d discover at Staples or an analogous office supply store. Clearly identifying each course with the title of the course, institution, and semester is a superb begin. If there is personal details about students on certain documents, ensure you shred them after a year to avoid breaking confidentially rules.