Prevention And Care (3)

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Emily – neutering is not going to absolutely guarantee a change in behaviour, it could be that your bun is simply, the way in which he’s. However, it does help for like, ninety nine.9% so, there is a good probability it’ll cease the spraying (the occasional accident should happen) and the humping should stop all collectively, although it may take as much as 2 months to see the difference.

Unusual. In the event you do not spay her, she is going to nearly certainly develop cancer and die in the subsequent 3 or so years. That’s virtually a given. The vetinarian who carried out the spay on my doe said that she has by no means misplaced a bunny. Maybe as a substitute of listening to the breeder (who does not sound properly knowledgeable, though I’m guessing she breeds her does, and so does not have the same most cancers rates), you need to speak to a vet and ask them what the fatality charge is. Find a good vet, and your bunny should be in safe arms.

I’ve had my rabbit for more than a 12 months. I found that he went by a interval the place he would bite me or whoever fed him. It did not final very lengthy, and I assumed it was as a result of we had just moved to this new home, and he wasn’t very comfy. He’s very delicate and LOVES attention. Anyway, I continued to love and feed him a little extra and he fully stopped the biting.

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