Passionately Curious Educators (3)

UFT is doing a form of professional-union drive with buttons and indicators. You’ll be able to see a pattern on the left. The notion is to be proactive. We won’t wait till we lose Friedrichs, so we’ve to begin now.

Over the past several months, my team and I have been busy planning for the implementation of a One to World (often called 1:1) iPad program in grade four. Now we have been successfully utilizing iPads since 2011 at our faculty and have been piloting a One to World programme in three grade four courses all through this yr. This system has been enormously profitable, largely as a result of we centered primarily on studying outcomes somewhat than the device itself.

As talked about several occasions already, constructing robust relationships is vital. In case you tweet once every week and never check to see what the people you might be following are tweeting, then you definitely in all probability will not get an excessive amount of out of Twitter. To get something out of Twitter you’ll need to be an lively and frequent participant. You don’t have to tweet 100 times a day, but you will have be actively concerned in the event you want to get any meaningful use out of Twitter.

Expertise can transform education, however solely when it permits and supports amazing educators. Efficient skilled growth is thus a crucial a part of creating actual positive change and getting ready students for the long run. For this reason, we’re proud to introduce the brand new Google for Schooling Training Heart , a free, interactive, online platform that helps educators apply Google’s instruments in the classroom and beyond.

We’re additionally still amassing books for Feeding Empty Little Tummies. This is the program which fills backpacks on Fridays with food for needy children to take home for the weekends. The books which we donate are distributed at Christmas and in June as an addition to the backpacks. Books must be new or clean used ones for grades Okay-6.