Naturalism As Philosophy Of Training

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When it was realized that men are required for the act of human procreation patriarchy was born and girls were relegated to the lowest point. Males wished the glory for themselves. They had invented the Heavenly Mom God and now they died to stand up and fertilize her. In glory and great speculation they became the Father god, an honor then reserved for the king. Now the Pope proclaims himself king of the church and because he cannot bodily fertilize Mary, the outdated title for the sun, the virgin beginning is maintained.

Within the 20th century individuals have witnessed how many innovations and great concepts turned out the unhealthy side. Drugs that must kill ache started to make drug-addicts. Atomic energy led to some catastrophies. Transport helped individuals travel quicker, but there have been and are so many accidents. For me, the concept of non-violence is more concerning the preservation of the human life itself. Irrespective of how far a technological or scientific progress can lead us, we should keep in mind about the other aspect of it and the hazard for the human life, and try to enhance the security.

Good lens. It’s not even about liberal vs. conservative any more. That is a complete smokescreen. I wish folks would wake up and stop buying it. It is about authoritarianism vs. liberty. Conservatives impose the authoritarianism of the corporation and liberals impose theirs by the use of government regulation and management. It all seems like some big combat but the end for each is identical end -one facet helps the other, as a result of the battle by no means ends, and because the conservatives’ consolidation of company management allows a neater focus point for the liberals’ authorities to control society, Consolidationism wins, individuals lose. Select your grasp.

Education is life and life is education? How is this so? Lodge in his e book Philosophy and training” explains the nature of training within the broad sense as each thing we are saying, think, or do, a minimum of what is said or accomplished to us by others beings, animate or inanimate. In this means life is education and schooling is life. No matter broadens our horizon, deepens our insight, refines our actions, and stimulates thought and feeling; educate us (Bhatia, 1979).