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Many thought that their story ended within the sixties, to be relegated to the pages of the historical past books. If solely that was the case. While the Weathermen, or Weather Underground, won’t be an official organization at present, their members still maintain radical views. Even worse, their members hold positions of energy in government and education. Their influence extends all the way to the White Home. It is important to know one thing about this group that won’t go away.

We still have a system in place that collects monumental amounts of data on our youngsters, with out protecting the privateness of this delicate info. In response to Leonie Haimson, Government Director of Class Measurement Matters, the Daily Mail reviews , Students’ names, emails, addresses, grades, check scores, disabilities, disciplinary data, well being information, financial status, racial status and more,” are being collected by faculties, districts and the state; with little or no restrictions on their disclosure.

Nigeria has had her personal share of industrial actions within the Training sector with the respective commerce unions namely Nigerian Union of academics (each for main and secondary colleges), Educational staff union of Universities (ASUU) and Educational employees union of polytechnics (ASUP). Most instances the economic disputes are over pay rise and unfriendly government insurance policies in the Schooling sector.

Hi there Jeff, thanks for the put up. your right, intercourse and sexuality are two different things, especially in the pedagogy of children. As I have said, while there is growing consensus on the necessity for basic sex or sexuality eduction for both children and adults, certain issues should be considered. The thing is, we owe our kids and college students info that has to be conveyed to them, in an inventive, well-considered, and scientific manner.

I’m sure that you simply not imagine that I’m an athiest leftist but that’s really not true at all. There were different points you made that I agree with. I don’t need socialism for America. I do believe in capitalism. I don’t wish to see leftist values pushed in colleges however on the subject of faith, I imagine they’re being truthful to all people by not making Christianity the main target. Individuals can go to Chuch on Sunday if they want Christianity. If Muslim and Jewish idoltry is allowed then so ought to Christian idoltry but my level is all ought to be treated equally.