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Principally, it appears, that the majority or all of Nigeria’s problems are rooted in public corruption. Issues can’t be addressed if authorities officials are stealing the funds designated for coping with the issue. It’s a horrible scenario and it sounds like the entirety of your government must be replaced. A new trustworthy culture is needed. I hope the youth of your country can do this and not be also seduced by corrupt money. Glorious and interesting Hub, Uzochukwu Mike. Good luck to you and fellow Nigerian residents. You all must demand change.

Thanks Deborah-Diane for reading and voting on this hub and for sharing your expertise and ideas. My concern is that when everyone seems to be in personal college and the general public faculties are shut down, the vouchers will finish leaving underprivileged children excessive and dry. You are correct too, in that charlatans will try to take advantage and supply substandard curriculums just to get the money.

Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) on 2nd October, 2014, reported that European Union (EU) Committed 15 Million Euros (€15,000,000) in the nation’s 2015 election. How will the money be utilized? Will the cash be solely used for what it is meant for? Only God is aware of what those who are ruling the election physique will use it for what it’s made for or embezzle it as corruption within the nation is experienced more in public sector.

College students, as they are increasingly posed with issues referring to themselves on this planet and with the world, will really feel increasingly challenged and obliged to respond to that challenge. As a result of they apprehend the problem as interrelated to other issues within a complete context not as a theoretical query, the resulting comprehension tends to be increasingly essential and thus continuously less alienated. Their response to the problem evokes new challenges, followed by new understandings; and progressively the students come to regard themselves as dedicated.