Key Ideas Of The Philosophy Of John Stuart Mill

The query that this Hub must reply is to do with crucial philosophy books that one ought to read, and the answer would depend on why one would need to learn philosophy books in any respect.

In addition to its American advocates, pragmatism gained a noted spokesman within the English thinker F.C.S. Schiller. He agreed principally with James’ view that private satisfaction measures the truth of an concept, however he insisted that this satisfaction is at all times relative to the individual and to circumstance. Schiller concluded that judgments of true and false, good and unhealthy, and right and mistaken can never be completely true.

This can be more difficult with certain philosophers due to their writing style. As an example, Immanuel Kant is famously difficult to understand partly due to his eccentric writing fashion. Aristotle is harder because his original writings are lost and we solely have notes from his students in an effort to understand him. Different philosophers write in a literary type, and whereas this may occasionally make them more fun to learn it makes their arguments much less obvious.

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