How to Prepare for Your College Entrance Exams

One of the biggest parts of preparing for college is getting ready for an entrance exam. Many students wonder how they’ll get past this hurdle. The trick is to be prepared. This starts well before your test is even scheduled; take Advanced Placement courses and other classes that challenge you, and study hard all through your academic career.

Standardized test preparation is only effective if you practice the right way. You should always know what to expect with, for example, the SAT. Take practice tests and attend preparatory courses, and ask people who have already taken the exam about their experience. Preliminary tests such as the PSAT can be taken as early as eighth grade. Questions are asked in the same format as the primary exam, plus a good PSAT/NMSQT score can qualify you for a scholarship.

Engage in Self-Practice

There are private organizations and websites that offer free tools for test practice. Many of these are based on some of the leading test prep resources. They also offer different approaches to learning, so you might find something that is fun to use.

Practice tests help judge your knowledge, which you can always refresh, especially before the exam. They also focus on your test-taking ability. Another key aspect they focus on is time management. You can time your practice tests, and see how quickly and accurately you can answer all the questions on the actual exam.

Your self-discipline will go well beyond what any teacher or practice book can offer. How you use the materials and resources available will determine your potential on the exam. Do what works for you, rather than study for any number of hours someone tells you to. If you already know a topic, move on to something else. When you start feeling tired, call it a day and start anew tomorrow.

How to Prepare After All Those Long Hours

Once you’ve spent weeks or months going through practice tests, you want to get some rest right before the big day. You won’t impress New York University admissions counselors by being groggy, so have all your supplies and admissions materials ready the night before, and get a good night’s sleep. The location of the test center should already be printed out. Try to get there as early as possible and leave extra time for travel delays.

Before you learn more about your GIS degree options, finalize your readiness for test day. Focus on confidence. It should be there if you’ve been working and practicing all along. In addition to the test, be prepared for breaks; take some healthy snacks and bottled water along. These will help you stay sharp throughout the duration of the exam.