High Stakes Testing Letter To MA Board Of Education From School Committee

Scottsboro, Alabama – August 25, 2015 Jackson County Board of Education Superintendent choice, half 1. The first three Superintendent candidates had been interviewed Tuesday; the second two candidates can be interviewed Thursday. Full videos will not be launched until Thursday evening. Choice shall be Friday morning on the Jackson County Board of Schooling assembly.

I want to make a complaint. I went to College of Phoenix for my bachelors Diploma in Human Services. This faculty said these lessons were all I needed to be sucessful. Come to seek out out most of Michigan jobs requiring a BSH requires an individual to have a degree from an accredited faculty. UOP will not be an accredited college for Human Services. I spent all this time and money to receive a degree I cannot use. I cannot use it to discover a job or even to go additional with my education because the dearth of necessities. That is very fustrating this faculty ought to have said one thing. Now I have to begin over and go though an accredited college so I can get a job.

I am in US. I’m researching beginning a on-line University offering DD and PhD degrees. DD for writing life expertise in faith and spiritual development. PhD for writing a thesis on a topic they are excited and wants to share with the humanity. Will supply several PhD’s in varied is about learners enrichment and sharing data, not competing to earn more money.

I did not receive an email response from Dr. Wipke or Mr. Laughlin. I did obtain a Read Receipt message from Mr. Laughlin’s email software at 12:18AM on Monday March 16, 2015. I didn’t receive a Learn Receipt message from Dr. Wipke. Nevertheless, Dr. Wipke informed me he received my e-mail when I spoke to him instantly following the March 17 BOE meeting.

The proposed rule at Section 50.210(b)(four) also recognizes that settlement may not be reached between the teacher and his or her evaluator concerning the studying aim, development expectations and/or assessments for use to measure pupil development. The proposed rule provides two choices for making a closing dedication, which are dependent upon whether agreement will not be reached on one or each SLOs. Within the former scenario when only one SLO is in dispute, the choice-making is given to another qualified evaluator in the district who is chosen collaboratively by the individuals who could not agree.