Evaluation 10th, twelfth

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Then a man in dazzling white linen and helmet crossed the road. The blur moved – became a swarm of black and purple figures running from side to side across the white street, bearing burdens which at the distance had been additionally blurs. Again and back once more for limitless bundles, which, thrown down, were misplaced to sight in the inexperienced grass.

As the concert progresses, her strikes are ritualistically mirrored by an audience of unpolluted-reduce, adoring youth. In the final shot a Pepsi bottle materializes in Shakira’s hand, showing from a flash of sunshine. Shakira, and then the group of sweet sixteen followers, collectively imbibe the Black Water of Imperialism. In sync they carry out a transubstantiation of the world system: the indigenous colonized are transformed and purified by the Blood of Capitalism in an effort to go to Heaven to develop into White Folks.

The only way Nigeria can solve its many problems is by giving the youth more opportunities to take part in the authorities, financial system, and society. Younger persons are the prime beneficiaries of college improvement, and the percentage of youth in larger learning institutions is currently very excessive. If younger people had been in charge, the educational system in Nigeria wouldn’t be in its current state, and unemployment would be decreased.

Thousands of individuals die in this system annually, merely because they visit a hospital. Had they not carried out that, they’d have lived, so dangerous are our hospitals. Thousands extra die as a result of they take dangerous pharmaceuticals which are pointless. 1000’s more die simply from a lack of preventive care. 1000’s extra die as a result of they have no well being care program.