Does She Like Me?

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Since whiny righties will call Chisholm and Ozanne biased liberals” regardless of whether John Doe is appealed to SCOTUS, they should stop worrying about the warmth they’d take from that crew, call their bluff, and take John Doe to D.C. In any case, what do they have to lose? And there’s all the pieces to gain by taking this case all the best way, not the least of which is the restoration of justice for ALL (and against all) in the State of Wisconsin.

If this occurs to your bunny, be sure you test that he nonetheless is still consuming his food. If he doesn’t, try replacing his normal food with one thing that’s simpler to chew: for instance, oats as a substitute of pellets, and a bit of apple with no pores and skin as an alternative of a carrot. If your rabbit still doesn’t eat, take him to the vet as they may have some particular meals for him.

Oh my gracious – what a fun, funny, animal-pleasant and SENSIBLE lens. Deer now we have no issues with HOWEVER bunnies and squirrels for us, raccoons for one good good friend, and very smelly kitties for one more. I’ll have to share this with all of us. That sprinkler sounds GRAND. And wager it could make the grandkids giggle too! 🙂 Thanks for the info.

Infants: The stools of infants fed on cow’s milk are normally pale yellowish, homogeneous (that’s, of the same composition all through), and feebly alkaline or faintly acid to litmus paper. They number three or four day by day through the first few weeks, afterwards one or two a day. The motions do not become brown and fashioned until starchy food is taken.