Does My Bum Look forty In This? (2)

As soon as the previous deer season ends, we bowhunters begin counting right down to opening day of the next bow season. In SoCal, we put together all year by consistently making it to the archery range, exercising, scouting, and earning spousal factors so we are able to make it out the door for extended periods of time and hunt. It’s a process, but a thrill in figuring out that when your boots hit the dust, it is game on!

I just picked up my 11 week outdated Flemish Large buck final weekend. He’s doing great! He is already larger as my yorkie! We have now 2 canine, a yorkie and a lab.. and a pair of cats. Fritz, the rabbit, has adjusted properly to the opposite animals and they all get alongside great. With that mentioned, we BY NO MEANS depart the rabbit alone with any of the animals.

I have two cats, one is a kitten and the opposite is full grown. My kitten likes to latch on to my arm and nip, but she never uses her claws and only hurts if she catches a delicate spot with her tooth. My older cat likes to groom me and give little nips when I’m petting him. Since, throughout both occurrences, the cats are purring and seem to be tremendous, I consider they are nipping and biting to point out affection. Neither of my cats are in any approach aggressive and are incredibly loving.

The way to solve this drawback and never have to odor one thing dangerous or use toxic something, what a great solution. The Scarecrow wins again with know-how and I like your helpful ideas…however largely I like your pictures of these dear deer and the fondness in your voice for them…these fawns are irresistible! How very cool that the doe knew your yard was a safe place when she went off to clean up!

I have a 5 year old male cat. He never bit earlier than however these days he bites my ankle when I stroll past him. My answer.. I spray him with water. Just a little mists and he runs into the room and I go away him there. The water doesn’t harm him however he will get the concept it’s not ok. When he was younger I’d spray him when he tried to scratch the furniture and it really works. He by no means does that. In fact I obtained him a scratching board and toys. However that’s how I solved it. I hope this will help.