DOE Pulse (2)

These two proportion does are from a set of triplets. Their dam is a high-percentage unregistered Kiko doe.

Sulcatas are known for his or her sandy-ivory or golden yellow-brown skin and two or extra very large and outstanding tubercles (or spurs) on the rear legs. The carapace (high shell) is tan to yellow in colour within the middle of every scute (the external plate or scale of the shell). Each scute is outlined by brown development rings. The plastron (backside shell) is mild tan to yellow.

I had a brilliant shy rabbit who didn’t let me pick him up or something, he would simply stomp his foot and run away. So what i did was i bought a big canine cage and put it in my room, i put stuff for him to hide in and once i was around in my room i would let him run round and shortly later he would just come up to me and sit on my lap. this labored effectively and now i can simply choose him up so simply.

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hello i av my bunny girl for about 2 yrs now and she or he neva been spayed/neutured as. she don’t chunk or anythink that might harm me! she jus licks me on a regular basis. she’s the most effective bunny i had. when she first niped me i tap her nostril until she received it 2 try this and that i put her bak in her cage as a day trip as she luvs hopping round the home. i believe its all up how u convey them up. as my sisters bunny nipped on a regular basis and i thought him the identical way i teached my bunny and now hes ever so friendly and licks her.