Doctor Of Philosophy In Educational Research

The philosophy of BCA relies on a God-centered view that the Bible is the impressed word of God as affirmed in our Assertion of Religion. The educational course of touches each area of life – bodily, emotional, ethical, intellectual, social, and non secular – in training the student to live correctly in an increasingly advanced world. BCA affirms and encourages the pursuit and examination of ideas, knowledge and reality in an open discussion board, evaluating these by the biblical ideas. The Bible speaks to all areas of life, and is essential within the development of an informed particular person.

I personally recall the first time I was aware of sociopolitical artwork. At the tender age of seven, a piece I would seen had struck me with the pure idea of self realization and all of the implications of the work that my mind could comprehend at the time. I’ve continued to ponder it’s which means to myself; Because the years of my life have passed by, it is truth reaches only deeper.

If I’ve proven a philosophical alignment in my dialogue of No-Excuses colleges, then I’ve failed early on in my function—however I think you mistake my place. I am no extra indulgent of the fetish of efficacy than I am of the kitsch of universal equality. Actually, I value both efficacy and inequality highly, but I believe that the orthodox adherence to either distorts perceptions and results in coverage that is conducive of neither.

Life is so vast, so immense, so unusual, mysterious, it cannot be decreased right into a rule or a maxim. All maxims fall short, are too small; they cannot comprise life and its dwelling energies. Hence the golden rule is critical, that there aren’t any golden guidelines. An authentic man doesn’t live by rules, maxims, commandments. That’s the way in which of the pseudo-man. The genuine man merely lives.

We sometimes made fancy hopscotch boards on the driveway with chalk. Inside the squares, I would write one thing we were engaged on, whether or not it was a vocab word, a studying phrase, a math reality, or something else. Earlier than leaping on the sq., you’d have to tell what the phrase meant, learn the word, answer the mathematics truth, or do whatever that particular game was designed to assessment.