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THE PROGRAM IS OVER. What an amazing group of individuals got here and learned and made a distinction. Thanks.

I had an excellent parochial school training in my early years and from 8th grade on, it was public. Something absolutely needs correcting with the education system as it’s today within the U.S. Again when I went to school, if an individual didn’t go…they had to take the grade or class once more. There were no social promotions. It’s unhappy when folks can not read, compute simple arithmetic, nor write a good letter after graduating from high school…and in some circumstances, even college.

Phrases alone are sufficient to convey the horrors of kid abuse. I would like so much to be supportive of your efforts, and I do assist your want to coach and enlighten. I also really feel compelled to share my emotions about these pictures. To print such photos in a public web site similar to this, even with a warning, is for me horrific and by no means helpful. It is difficult to imagine that the photographers gave you permission to make use of these photographs here. In the event that they did, I’m wondering on the state of their minds, that will permit such photos to be publicized.

I’m going to have to write down another follow up article to emphasize my level that the Internal Earth inhabitants have been literally ruling in secret from underground by allying themselves with the Secret Societies and may have even originated them to do exactly that. I feel they (The Cabal/Illuminati) have turned on them and they are now adversaries however to start with they had been the Thriller School Lecturers reminiscent of Thoth and St. Germain.

Defamation is known as libel” in its completely printed form or slander” when spoken and is often actioned as a ‘tort’, the place somebody can file a legislation swimsuit against another individual over a civil mistaken” that has been completed to them. Courts usually award a sum of damages as compensation or make different orders, equivalent to stopping the publication or forcing an apology.