Academic Quotes

A Treasury of Idiotic Quotes About Authorized Schooling, Vol three: Brooklyn Law Dean Nicholas Allard tells law grads that they’re the rabbinical architects, engineers, drum majors, and pioneers of consensus and justice, with the finest minds identified to mankind.

I feel children could be very cruel particularly in adolescence and if you are slow, and I was (I used to be in a school which was fairly competitive) you do get lots of slamming about from the other children… It built up an incredible resentment in me as a result of I was also bad at sport and athletics and all I may do was play the piano. So I at all times bought the sense in my adolescent years that ‘Oh, Hopkins, you know he’s, properly he is not worth much, or he is a failure.

That a rustic, England, eminently distinguished for its mechanical and manufacturing ingenuity, must be indifferent to the progress of inquiries which type the highest departments of that data on whose more elementary truths its wealth and rank depend, is a fact which is effectively deserving the attention of those who shall inquire into the causes that affect the progress of nations.

To the cultures of Asia and the continent of Africa it’s the Western impression which has stirred up the winds of change and set the processes of modernization in motion. Education brought not only the idea of equality but additionally another belief which we used to take as a right within the West—the idea of progress, the concept science and expertise can be utilized to better human circumstances. In historic society, men tended to believe themselves fortunate if tomorrow was not worse than today and anyway, there was little they might do about it.

Now, earlier than you get your knickers all in a knot, and begin emailing me proof of the existence of the above mentioned disorders, as a remedial therapist, I’m very aware that dyslexia, apraxia etc. are very real issues, but however I also firmly consider that we as educators have merely not found the right method to present data to people with these learning barriers. I really do believe that there’ll come a time when somebody, someplace will find the way in which that these brains process info after which their true studying will begin.