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Fine Gael Politicians Want To Own Their Politics

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How Is the GOP Race for the White House Holding Up?

So, how is the GOP Race for the white house shaping up just prior to the first primary election? Well, we have Perry on the ropes, and a rocky road for Cain, with Romney the man to beat, and old complaints about Newt Gingrich re-surfacing by his political adversaries on the democratic side of the isle, such is politics as they say. What else is going on, any thoughts? Surely, so let’s talk.

Well, it looks as if Cain’s Campaign is a bit on the mend after the charges of harassment. Are those allegations true you ask? Hard to say, it’s a lot like trying to prove you didn’t kick your dog 15-years ago to the PETA Party, when someone sends them an email before the meeting that you did. You see, Character Assassinating of politicians is a common game, and it’s played early and often, at every level, even with those running for dog-catchers, and the sewer treatment appointees. Are the allegations true? It doesn’t matter now, doubt has been placed and blown into some sort of a front page scandal by the opposition, that’s politics.

Personally, it sounds like a lot of hearsay to me, but “perception in politics” is reality, it’s all about the created reality right, nothing is really as it seems. The reality is; I just don’t know and thus, won’t say, but I know the crap that goes on behind the scenes in politics, and if they can’t find any skeletons on a candidate’s closet, they will obviously put one there and then say; See, here is a skeleton.

Huntsman is okay, but the media has made him look like he doesn’t have the personal character to lead, as he isn’t enough of a “personality” with strong convictions, but I am completely certain that if we met him face to face it would be otherwise. Huntsman seems to have quite a bit of experience on the diplomatic side, which is very crucial to the future of our nation and our relations with other big dogs, such as China.

Right now, the Obama Administration is totally blowing it on diplomatic policy, hot one day, cold the next, strong resolve in the media, but no follow through, just indifference the next week. It’s not working, not cohesive, and it sends mixed messages to our business community, allies, trading partners, and thankfully false-signals to our enemies. Huntsman wouldn’t have botched things in this way is my thinking.

But then again, in my opinion, Obama is a product of the media, branding, and trying to lead as a populist might – and in that vein it’s difficult trying to please the global community, while trying to keep happy the domestic masses in this day and age of fast moving media, it’s like his administration is running around putting out brush fires, rather than focusing on the fundamentals when it comes to diplomacy. Of course, with the administration’s left-leaning advisors, and academia “let’s play patty-cake” committees, I am not surprised, and neither am I amused.

What about Perry? Well, it’s been said, at least in Texas, that Perry has made some enemies along the way with the Republican Party, those fences may not be mended in time for him to pull the nomination. He is beginning to appear – remember appearances are often false in politics due to the media – as if he is a bit of a loose cannon, which once again – the media is busy fully exploiting this image.

Suffice it to say whoever has the strongest poll numbers each month – the media will attack them, the media is still against conservative thinking, and are only barely giving Obama a pass, as his loyal constituency all tells me “Obama turned out to be a disappointment” – what I don’t understand is; how anyone in America was dumb enough to fall for that dog-and-pony show to begin with (remember this is an opinion article and this is my opinion – so keep reading and deal with it).

Why do I refer to Obama’s 2008 campaign as an all for show reality TV contest just made for prime time? Well, because it was (in my opinion) so unrealistic, but it worked for him, and they had an excellent group of event planners, and lots of money to flood the media. In fact the corporate media lived off the Obama Phenomena for quarters on end, and for Obama’s Campaign, well all that advertising also buys you media loyalty, thus, shaping the perception anyway you choose, too bad the Obama Campaign in 2008 decided to choose to purport a dream (my opinion), and now folks that I talk too, are feeling burned, let down, and they are a bit angry really.

Regarding Huntsman, he’s right on a bunch of things concerning the Republican Party, but no one seems to be listening to his advice about ditching the abortion issue and leaving that topic off the game board, or the “Christian Right” push to own the dialogue completely. Yes we need American Values in our society, and rightfully so, but the Republican Party loses so much of its cross-over voters in doing trying to maintain an “absolute” on these things, issues that the Supreme Court has already decided on long ago.

At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presidential election held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of Romanian people in the next 10 years. Is this new president will provide Autostrazi in every place, or also provide a uniform water supply throughout the region.

Personally, I am of no religion, and a conservative, thus, one could ask, am I not welcomed by the Republican Party? I am more conservative than most people I’ve met, and realize that our Constitution allows for freedom of religion, or freedom to practice none. There are a lot of libertarians who lean right, but if the Republican Party pushes them out, they lose votes which either don’t …