What Sudden Life Changes Can Affect The Outcome Of A Divorce Case?

In divorce cases, common mistakes also include sudden and dramatic life changes. These changes could indicate other probabilities that occurred during the marriage. It can also lead to a lengthy discovery procedure. The following are the most common life changes that could affect the outcome of a divorce case.

Purchasing a New Home

By purchasing a new home before the divorce is final, the spouse has created new marital property. The whole what’s yours is mine; what’s mine is yours adage applies to property division. If a spouse makes this purchase before finalization, their spouse has the opportunity to obtain in through the divorce proceedings. Furthermore, if they claim they are having a financial hardship and purchase a home, it could lead to further repercussions.

Announcing a New Engagement

Unless the spouse has signed an affidavit or a divorce motion stating that they are guilty of adultery, they should never announce a new engagement. In these circumstances, if the spouse wasn’t unaware of infidelity previously, they are now. In some counties, adultery can lead to further penalties. This may include a larger settlement or quantity of the marital estate. It could also entitle the spouse to alimony. If there was a prenuptial agreement, any terms related to infidelity are enforced.

Buying a New Automobile

Again, properties in either spouse’s name are classified as marital property in most cases. The only exclusions are inherited property. Once they are married, they each have access to fifty percent of all marital assets. If a spouse buys a new car, it is probable that their spouse will find it during discovery and claim it in the divorce agreement.

Starting a New Business

Business ventures could also generate cause for alarm. If the couple had any ties to business relations, starting a new business could raise red flags. It could require a further assessment of income and lead to more awards to the other spouse.

In divorce cases, each spouse should refrain from making any major life changes until the divorce is final. They must prevent any occurrence in which their income could increase dramatically. They must also avoid increases in the marital assets. Couples that need more details about these events visit Womanpulse for more information now.