What Is Involved in the Divorce Process in Singapore?

Facing a divorce is something no one wants to go through. When it becomes evident there is no way to heal the marriage, it can be difficult for a person to start the process because there are so many emotions involved. It is important a person is aware of the Singapore requirements for divorce so they can make sure they are eligible. It is also important for them to understand the steps involved in the process so they can be prepared.

The requirements to seek a divorce in Singapore include:

  • Must be a citizen of Singapore
  • Must have lived in Singapore for three years before divorcing
  • Must be domiciled in Singapore
  • Must have been married at least three years

The courts will sometimes grant a person the right to divorce if they have been married under three years but they must get permission before they pursue the legal end of their marriage. In some cases, a lawyer can help a person through the process so they can gain the court’s permission and end their marriage.

There must be a valid reason that can be proven to the courts before a divorce will be granted. These reasons include:

  • Spousal desertion for at least two years
  • Adultery that makes it impossible to stay together
  • Behavior that makes it impossible to live with one another

If the other party in the marriage does not agree to the divorce, the court can grant a divorce if the couple has been separated at least four years. To start the process, the person filing for divorce must file the necessary paperwork and pay the associated fees. Although it is possible for a person to go through the divorce process without legal intervention, this is not recommended because the courts cannot offer any legal advice and most people do not know the law well enough to represent themselves.

Those who are facing the end of their marriage are urged to seek legal help right away. To learn more about the divorce process and how a lawyer can help, visit irblaw.com.sg. They will be glad to assist you through every aspect of your divorce.