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The 2016 Legislative Session started this week. This yr, I am proposing that South Dakota deal with the problem of teacher pay.

I have sat and consoled many parents who have complained to their child’s principal or other faculty staff about issues, reminiscent of continual bullying, targeting by a instructor, a harmful situation on campus, issues with a student group, and so on. to no avail. The parents complain of getting nowhere, being handled like idiots or bothersome pests, and know their issues are usually not being taken significantly. They are at a loss.

Cursive writing, in comparison with printing, ought to be much more beneficial as a result of the motion tasks are more demanding, the letters are less stereotypical, and the visible recognition requirements create a broader repertoire of letter illustration. Cursive can be quicker and more more likely to engage college students by providing a better sense of non-public style and possession.

The district has been making an attempt to stop Hola’s growth on the grounds that it has been drawing too many white college students away from district colleges. The district is not making an attempt to claim that Hola is doing this on function, given the constitution’s active efforts to recruit at-danger students. But while Hola has thus far managed to get twice the portion of minority youngsters as the town’s population, it still has a smaller portion than the district schools.

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