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An Introduction to Auto Accident Law State laws and car insurance rules differ from state to state, which is why if you decide to file a lawsuit after a car accident in North Carolina, there are a few state laws to know about. In North Carolina, you should know at the outset that those filing lawsuits after a car crash are given three years window to do so. This is either an injury that stemmed out from the crash or a claim for a vehicular damage. After this period passes, however, because your ‘statute of limitation’ has lapsed, a claimant might no longer be able to file a case in connection with the car crash. Even in out of court settlement, this time period is also considered. Many of those who figure in a car accident are insured. Liability insurance is what an insured person actually has. This means that the insurance provider will protect you again the claims of the other parties involved or the ones at fault. What if the other party involved in the crash does not have this liability insurance? In the North Carolina laws, there is a policy extension which provides coverage for personal injuries and property damages sustained in a crash where the one at fault has no insurance. They call it ‘own damage’ coverage. Now, this policy states that the liability should be shouldered by the insurance company. Not every kind of car crash claims need a lawyer. There is no need for you case to reach the courts if the damages sustain by the vehicles is minor, similarly with minor personal injuries. This can be arranged amicable by both parties.
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Before you settle, here is something that you need to know. when your policy includes an ‘own damage’ liability, the insurer makes you shoulder a certain percentage based on the damage incurred. If you are now going to claim your ‘own damage’ benefits, you will only be shouldering a small portion of the repair for your vehicle.
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So, it goes like this, if you are at fault and the other party bears an ‘own damage’ policy, you can agree to pay the shop or the clinic, the amount a claimant would usually pay as its participation, the rest will have to be shouldered by the insurer. Perhaps you are in a very complex situation where you suffered a serious injury which has large medical costs and the insurance company refuses to pay? If this is that situation you are in, then you best solution is to seek the services of a good local car accident lawyer.