Steps to Take Following a Car Accident in North Carolina

Car accidents are frightening. Even when there are no injuries or only minor ones, those involved in the incident are likely shaken up. As a result, they may neglect to take certain steps, ones that can help to ensure they are treated fairly as the process moves forward. If a person is injured in an accident, they might not be capable of carrying out these steps, and this can hurt their chances of obtaining fair compensation. For this reason, every person needs to know what to do when they have been in a motor vehicle accident.

The first step is to pull over to a safe location to prevent further injury and avoid blocking traffic. Every vehicle involved in the incident must pull over under North Carolina law. A failure to do so could lead to criminal charges. Once all vehicles have been removed from the roadway, the authorities need to be called. A person who doesn’t want law enforcement involved may try to pay for the damages on the spot, but don’t allow them to do so. It’s best to receive the proper help first.

In the event of injuries, try not to move the person unless it becomes mandatory. Doing so could exacerbate their injuries or lead to additional ones. Call for an ambulance, so they can be checked out by medical professionals. After everyone has been tended to, it’s time to move on to gathering information about the incident.

Make sure the full names, addresses and phone numbers of all parties involved are collected. In addition, do the same with any witnesses to the accident, as they may need to be called to verify the chain of events that resulted in the accident. Take notes of everything that is said at this time, for future reference, and take pictures if possible. The one thing a person should not do is speak to insurance companies at this time.

Head over to for more information on what to do following a car accident. Victims cannot be too careful when talking to authorities, insurance companies or anybody after a vehicle accident, as a simple statement can be misconstrued and weaken their claim. For this reason, seek legal representation immediately and ensure the right information is shared with the proper people at the appropriate time.