Private Journal Writing Prompts (2)

This hand-crafted mineral recipe has already attracted loads of deer and has only been within the woods 2months.

Through the years I’ve had many deer visitors, and often I’m able to persuade them to move on to different yards. This family, nonetheless, just was not choosing up on my hints. They seemed to be digging in, their quick straightforward free meals of deer corn provided by my neighbor was simply too tempting. My backyard supplied the proper assorted desserts for after dinner.

These are thirteen adverse statements. And no, they aren’t from a bad boyfriend or husband. Shockingly, these are terrible statements ladies say to themselves each day. About one thought for every waking hour of our day. In line with this Glamour article, on average ladies have about thirteen unfavorable ideas each day. And ninety seven% p.c of girls admit to having at the least one I hate my physique” second on daily basis.

Thus, the DOE & the UFT deal with these stipulations as the true contract. However solely a fraction of the ATRs are at these ATR conferences. So, we’re topic to what the DOE/UFT deal with as the official contract, a contract that the majority ATRs are usually not informed of. Never mind that these stipulations of supplanting nominal class topics with our personal lesson agendas or the overriding mission that we make all of our attention for the chance of being observed by the roving subject supervisor usually are not within the common DOE-UFT contract or within the (between official contracts) periodically renegotiated DOE-UFT facet agreements on ATRs.

However there are different similarities, like vested interests. For example, an entire lot of Mulgrew supporters have signed loyalty oaths to ensure they get, you already know, free trips and patronage gigs. They run round and say whatever they’re told to say. They show the six-minute Mulgrew re-election video that masquerades as information about Friedrichs. And then, most importantly, they go to NYSUT and AFT conventions and vote any damn manner Leroy Barr tells them to. And let me point out, in case it is not apparent, that Leroy Barr is also, indisputably, a man. So far as I know, he doesn’t even try to conceal it.