Malaysia Air Pollutant Index

For these UFT members anticipating to see 12.5% of the money the city owes us from back in 2009-2011 on October 1, the day when we are contractually entitled to see the cash, forget it. We must wait until the fifteenth.

Hey so I have been having a dream and im not sure what to make of it. I have a girlfriend however I’ve been dreaming of another person repeatedly. It’s somebody I could not have however within the goals we are emotionally linked. I do not know what to make of those desires but I feel like there is something to them. I feel at peace and perhaps even nervous because of the emotional feeling. If anybody can help me in any means I might actually admire it. Thank you.

If they’re getting alongside, then sure, completely, no problem. Sometimes rabbits can be very terrirorial and mean, but if they are okay, then I wouldn’t fear about it. I hope you’ve gotten a big sufficient cage for three rabbits though…. that must be a VERY giant cage certainly. It is merciless to maintain rabbits in a cage that they can not run and jump in.

You say vitality exist. Now conceptually ‘exist’ is alleged (by some folks) to be a static concept. What this mean is exist is just like the concept of ‘being’ which is contrasted with the idea of ‘occurring’ which they, not me, call it dynamic concept. You might be entitled to your definition of energy but the mathematical physicist define it as a phenomenon that happens versus something that’s.

Over the course of my job I meet a whole lot of Unity Caucus members. With only a few exceptions (I know of exactly one), each single one who works for the UFT is a Unity Caucus member. I’m cordial with pretty much everybody unless they provide me motive to not be. I am not within the habit of putting up political arguments with folks without provocation, as I normally hope we’ve higher things to do. However generally folks know who I’m anyway.