Globalization and Influence in Education

Globalization is defined as any process that refers to the unification of all citizens of the world into a global community. However, the fact that globalization is a false unification, because the values of economic, social, and cultural dominated by values that had been foreign to the world community.

Globalization is often translated “worldwide”. An entity, however, wherever, whenever, quickly spread to all corners of the world, either in the form of ideas, ideas, data, information, production, development, rebellion, and so forth, so delivered, it was also known by everyone in the world. For loans tips, you can see in

The forces of globalization according to the analysis experts generally rests on four global forces, namely:

  1. Progress of science and technology, especially in the field of information and new innovations in technology that simplify people’s lives.
  2. Free trade supported by advances in science and technology.
  3. Regional and international cooperation that have united coexistence of nations regardless of national boundaries.
  4. Increased awareness of human rights and human duty in life together, and in line with the growing awareness together in a democracy.

Technological advance is accompanied by increasing the hardness of globalization the world bring their own impact education. For example, various levels of education ranging from high school to higher education, both public and private open international class program. This is done to address the market need for a qualified workforce that is increasingly tight. This is what is meant by globalization of education.

Positive and Negative Impact of Globalization Education

* The positive impact of globalization of education:

  1. The easy access to information.
  2. Globalization in education will create professional human and international standard in the field of education.
  3. Globalization will bring the world of education to compete with other countries.
  4. Globalization will create a workforce that is qualified and able to compete.
  5. The change of structure and education system that has a goal to improve the quality of education for the development of science in education will be very rapid.

* Negative impacts of globalization of education:

  1. The world of education can be controlled by the owners of capital.
  2. The world of education will depend on the technology, which

      impact on the emergence of “a versatile instant tradition”.

  1. Globalization will bring forth an factions in the world of education.
  2. The more the erosion of culture due to the influx of culture from the outside.
  3. Globalization results in loosening of the control power of education by the state.

Importance of Global Insight Perspective in Management Education

In the face of globalization without preparation is strong then globalization will be something scary and it will turn into something negative. How to prepare for the globalization of this is to raise awareness and expand horizons. How to improve and expand the horizons can be done in various ways, and the most effective way is through education.

Improving the quality of education for a nation, however, must be prioritized. Because the quality of education is very important, because the only human quality that can only survive in the future. One way that can be done to improve the quality of education is the education management with global insight.