FAQs About Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

In North Carolina, families must take action when they believe their senior was abused at a nursing home. Without action, the senior remains in danger and will sustain more injuries. These injuries could lead to a fatality if they aren’t stopped quickly. The following are FAQs about nursing home neglect and abuse.

Why Does Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Go Unnoticed?

These conditions could go unnoticed according to the progression of mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. This illness could lead to disorientation and hallucinations. For this reason, it is possible for nursing home staff to dismiss minor injuries and conditions. However, more serious injuries are noticed quickly. Unfortunately, it is when more serious injuries occur, that the family becomes aware of neglect or abuse.

What Actions can Families Take if Abuse or Neglect is Discovered?

The family must start by taking their senior to the doctor for the treatment of their injuries. Documentation of these injuries provides evidence that is used to start a claim against the nursing home. Once they define the type of injuries, they can report them to the nursing home administrator. If these injuries are severe or of a sexual nature, the family must file criminal charges.

Could These Allegations Lead to a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Yes, the family has every right to file a wrongful death lawsuit if the nursing staff’s actions lead to the death of their loved one. They must prove, however, that neglect and abuse were the exact reason for the fatality.

When Should the Family Contact an Attorney?

The family should contact an attorney at the first sign of abuse and neglect. An attorney can guide the family through a legal claim and protect their senior’s interests. They can stop the nursing home from abusing their senior and prevent more seniors from facing the same fate.

In North Carolina, families need to follow steps to protect their loved one if they suspect abuse or neglect. A nursing home facility is required to maintain safe conditions for all residents. If they fail to protect the seniors, the nursing home has failed to provide a proper duty. Families that need assistance contact Teague and Glover PA today.