Department For Education

The University of Phoenix advertises that it is a fully-accredited university. This is clearly false promoting and the college will probably be sued for false promoting!

Thousands of people die in this system yearly, merely as a result of they go to a hospital. Had they not performed that, they’d have lived, so dangerous are our hospitals. Thousands extra die because they take dangerous prescription drugs which are unnecessary. Hundreds more die simply from an absence of preventive care. Thousands more die as a result of they don’t have any health care program.

It is a disgrace that our state legislatures will not be regulating these for-revenue colleges like they need to. I hope you have filed a grievance along with your state board that regulates for-profit faculties, the state attorney basic’s workplace and in addition contacted your state legislator. Without correct laws, the sort of factor will go on into perpetuity. They usually want to privatize grade schools (known as constitution faculties) and make them for-profit!! They should work on correcting the problems with the for-revenue faculties they have first!

The Elizabeth School Board is keenly aware of our community’s considerations regarding extreme state-vast standardized testing in our district and helps this study. Moreover, the board strongly urges that the invoice’s amendment embody language that will delay the decision to implement PARCC until the duty force has completed its work.

There’s at the moment no public interest community current. PBS and NPR are a joke, taking the company money and doing their bidding. I have a standing supply to PBS NewsHour and NPR Morning Version to take on their large information packages any day of the 12 months and present them their bias going towards the public interest They’ve thus far refused to take me up on it, as a result of I have asked for an hour of time ought to I show my level, while bringing them 100 new or renewed members should I not be able to discover such bias any day of the 12 months. I am convinced they know they would lose the bet.